Junior Boys - It's All True

Junior Boys – It’s All True

8th August 2011

A nine-track indie rock album that lasts 51 minutes? Whatever next? Unless CD text is lying to me of course, and this isn't indie rock... ...this isn't indie rock. It just about scrapes indie, it's got the pace and rhythm of a band like Two Door Cinema Club – but it's got far too many electro bubbles bibbling throughout to qualify as rock. 'Itchy Fingers' is the opening track which for the initial ten seconds could be mistaken for the soundtrack to a seventies porno, and then the pace arrives, the jittering synths and the Spandau Ballet vocals. By the ...

Rev78 - Boy In The Blitz

Rev78 – Boy In The Blitz
14th March 2011

K's Choice - Echo Mountain

K’s Choice – Echo Mountain
1st November 2010

Shrag - Life! Death! Prizes!

Shrag – Life! Death! Prizes!
22nd September 2010

Strength - Mind Reader

Strength – Mind Reader
22nd September 2010

Tweak Bird - Tweak Bird

Tweak Bird – Tweak Bird
13th August 2010