American Werewolf Academy – Everything is Alright So Far

November 29, 2011

It’s time for some Dallas pop rock isn’t it? Is it? I don’t know. What does pop rock from Dallas sound like? Well, that’s not important. The whole state won’t make music like this. This paragraph is unnecessary.

The album opens with The Hop, a gentle-paced lurcher to get the hipsters moving their weight from one foot to the other and back again. The guitars are simple yet effective with just a glimmer of dirty fuzz clinging on to the edge of every note – whilst the vocals have something (extremely vaguely) Springsteen about them. There’s a distinct raw aura that surrounds the track that could only come from a group of gents who drown themselves in the sound of the underground and watch trashy b-movies for fun.

The following track Summer Ship has a bit more pace but still retains a simplistic form – something that would usually be a criticism from myself but I can’t help but feel that if things got any more intricate, I wouldn’t like it.

A couple of the tracks are a little punky in their vibe such as Rock Show Tonight, which draws on many sounds of the sixties and seventies, and the bands that pioneered these sounds – apparently teenage kicks are still hard to beat. The opening track and The Kid In The Picture are a couple of really enjoyable tracks, but from then on the pace picks up, things get a bit more thrashy, and the hook has gone. Imagine Gaslight Anthem, if you will, at the age of seventeen. They might not have sounded like this (how old are they anyway?) but it’s a fairly accurate stab… That kind of knees-up rockabilly punk vocal but with less refined undertones.

The album ends with Welcome To The Academy, possibly the most promising of these scrappy tracks – a song that transports you back to college, care-free and jumping around at your first rock show. It doesn’t matter who’s playing; you’re Mum let you go and some girl in fishnets just winked at you.