Dinosaur Jr. – Pierce the Morning Rain (Single)

November 23, 2012

Would you believe these guys are still alive? You betcha, Massachusetts lo-fi veterans Dinosaur Jr are back with their tenth studio album; their third since the reformation of the original line up. And this is the second single – a crunchy thumper that I shouldn’t cause a stir in Dino fan camp. They’re sticking to what they know – and this song explodes into a pacey punk-like riff rich in fuzz and lacking bottom-end like a 16 year old abusing his first 40-watt mini-amp. J Mascis’ dreamy waivering vocals enter mumbling tunefully, as you’d expect, really. Complete with crunchy widdling solos this is a pumped-up single from the Dinosaurs that has a nineties Foo Fighters feel to it – but is ultimately that same rough and raw sound.