Paper Aeroplanes – Little Letters

May 26, 2013

This quaint little alt-pop Welsh duo are boasting their third album in four years, Little Letters. The opening track When the Windows Shook makes me immediately doubt dubbing these guys as quaint. This has a slightly darker, driving edge to it; different to the airy nicey acoustic twiddles I would usually associate with them. This could even potentially pass as a Tina Dico cover, who Paper Aeroplanes did support on at least one date earlier this year. The following track Red Rover is gentler but still has a speck of darkness, and really is quite gripping.


The title track from the album [5] is a slow builder, growing into a driving acoustic indie-folk epic with an high-octaved enchanting Celtic choral flutter which undoubtedly makes this track the top pick from the album. I personally find myself drawn to the pacier folk numbers previously mentioned, and others such as Palm of Your Hand [8]; but the rest of the album consists of the cutsier, gentler, poppier tales of love and loss that have undoubtedly got the duo this far already. And if that’s your bag, which it is for many, then I really must point you in the way of this album.