The Pure Conjecture – Courgettes

August 5, 2012

Some kind of secret supergroup – Matt Eaton is backed up by ten other chaps sourced from the likes of British Sea Power, Tenderfoot and The Electric Soft Parade; and this, their debut release, was recorded 90% live. An exciting prospect which sadly, doesn’t quite deliver. But maybe that’s my fault for expecting too much just because the recording style is a little different and it’s a collection of established musicians.


It has the pace, guitar tones and piano of lounge music, with the backing vocals and occasional strings of a love ballad. As for the vocals themselves; deep, flat and occasionally (as close as they can get to) swooning. There is one track however, The Throat, that showcases a bit of va-va-voom, in a slightly sixties-esque bass-driven number. But that’s your lot. Even when things hint at getting a bit rock n’ roll (All The Cherries Are Gone), the final delivery is just somewhat lifeless.


It’s not terrible, admittedly, far from it in fact, but it’s not as enjoyable as an Electric Soft Parade release, for example. And this project does include the creative core of that group – plus Matt Eaton was of course once one of the extended members of ESP too. It’s all listenable, but none memorable enough to wish to put on again.