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Deconstructing the Tune Repository

About three months ago, I undertook a mammoth task. Well, perhaps that’s a little misleading; this task didn’t come from somebody else - this wasn’t a required duty, absolutely nothing to do with my employment and, truth be told, wasn’t going to benefit anybody else. But that’s my spare time in a nutshell; doing things that take a teensy bit longer than the eventual reward justifies. (As this article exemplifies perfectly.)   So what was the mammoth undertaking? Was I really going to bury a hairy elephant? Well, in short, no. They’re instinct, soz. Also, only the woolly mammoth was hairy. Personally, I like to think a mammoth is a moth’s equivalent of a Queen bee. But what was on the cards? Perhaps training for a marathon? That sounds feasible; it’s not as if I’ve spent the last eighteen months sat down... I get out of breath just saying the word “jog.” ...


What My Ears Liked In 2010

Top 3 Singles I confess that I don't stay on top of singles. A lot of the time when I hear a song I am completely unaware whether it is a single or not, and upon recommendations, or even out of intrigue, I will tend to try and locate complete albums as opposed to individual tracks. I don't listen to the radio, and I don't tend to follow the music press much at the moment either – so excuse if I've missed any belters, but these are the top 3 songs I could think of that were definitely singles. Firstly Eyesdown by Bonobo, a chilled track with a mesmerising gentle bass wob-wobbing away. The lead vocal is provided by featuring artist Andreya Triana, whose solo album this year Lost Where I Belong is a real treat to the ears – simply stunning if you dig incredible up-and-coming female vocalists. In this Bonobo ...