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Oh great, another blog.

Oh great, another blog. Another attempt to start sharing with the whole world the garbled fubble-grub that flibbers through my jibbles and blubbers out my hubbles. Now there's a sentence of nonsense that sounds undeniably filthier than it should. But in all seriousness, I've tried this before, and I've failed. Born with such good intentions, but eventually being snuffed out like a hamster in a plane crash due to my own lack of motivation. Now, it's time to start again. Some people like to blog about every day life, and when I was younger I thought that's really what it was all about - like an online diary. But, pardon my french, fuck that. I'm from Swindon. Nobody in their right mind wants to hear about my every day life, no matter how exciting my lunches get. In this town, sometimes you find yourself catching the wrong bus deliberately just for ...