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The Moolah Hoo-Ha

I’ve been thinking about money a lot recently, and I’m not entirely sure why. Despite the recession (which feels like it has been going on for a lifetime), I’m not in immediate financial peril, and for someone who is in their first real graduate job living in London, I think I’m doing okay. It’s the lottery that’s done this; moreover the Euromillions. I’ve always ignored these prize-draw things - I’m dubious enough handing a quid over to a pub-quiz maestro, and for that Great British pound I get the privilege of all my competitors in one room. Admittedly, there’s a certain amount of skill required to triumph at a pub-quiz, but still you’d fancy your chances there over an eight-stage raffle with all of Europe.   And so a week or two ago, I took the plunge into Euromillions, tempted by the £67 million jackpot. Unsurprisingly, it didn’t get me anywhere, and ...