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…And I’m Feeling Good.

On Sunday night I'm going to make one hell of a mess in my underpants in a field near Reading. I haven't quite deduced whether it will be defecation through amazement or ejaculation through excitement but one end is sure to blow. What's happening on Sunday? Reading Festival closes with the help of Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard. “Whoop-de-do”, I hear the naysayers utter, “maybe they can play the same set we've seen for the past two years including both Wembley gigs and the Glastonbury headline slot from last year.” Well, yes, maybe at first glance this shouldn't be as clearer contender as it is for my highlight of the weekend. This will be my eleventh time seeing the Teignmouth trio, and like many have fallen out with them a little with the most recent album. It is also notable that the set-list has been pretty solid for the ...