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Schmow Patrol

You would be excused for thinking this post could have been written two years ago, however I would argue that it's just fashionably late. So, Snow Patrol. The Irish-now-Scottish fivesome. They bug me. But I did once like them and thus I cannot banish them to the hate list to perish with the likes of Jamie T and Florence. Whilst I can't add them to a growing list which I will surely complain about at a later stage, I can give them their own post, and a report on my personal (irrational, unorthodox, yadi yada) fluctuating opinions of the Bangor boys. They made it onto the scene in 2003 with Final Straw, and you could be forgiven for thinking this was a decent debut. Alas, it was their third – and I think the title says it all. Two albums had been pushed out previously – Songs For Polar Bears, and When ...